Ergonomic Pad Set



Purpose - Understanding that each shooter has different preferences, we designed the Ergonomic Pad Set to support and assist each shooters options.  The pad can create a little stand off with attached gear, offering padding where it counts and adding comfort with prolonged use.

Features & Functions 

  • Sold in a set of three pads

  • Two layers of padding (3-D mesh and foam)

  • Adjustable belt loop attachments

  • Modular in design

  • Use on belts, chest rigs, slings etc.  (Accommodates 1"~1.5" webbing/strap)

  • Each pad consists of a belt loop attachment side, and a soft mesh inner side

  • 7" in length and made of MIL-SPEC materials

  • Nylon, Mesh, 1/4" Closed Cell Foam


For belt use, they are typically placed on either hip (over the hip bones), and in the back (tail bone) to help equally distribute the weight and position of the belt worn gear.  


Cleaning Instruction - Hand wash with mild soaps and brush or machine washable, gentle cycle.  Air dry recommended.   

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