Tacti-Cool Range Hat



Purpose - Understanding that each shooter has different preferences, we never compromise on user safety. The Tacti-Cool Range Cap will keep your hearing and eye protection on hand and accessible. 

Features & Functions 

  • FlexFit sizing (S/M,   L/XL)

  • 98% cotton, 2% spandex

  • Ventilation eyelets to manage heat

  • Reinforced brim providing complete head coverage

  • Elastic loop on sides for retaining eye protection

  • 2" by 3.25" loop on front and back

  • 1" square loop to top, inside and out

  • Rear mini pouch (under loop) for storing earplugs, ID etc.

Never lose your protection 

Eye/Ear protection are essential when operating a weapon. However, we often lose or drop them because there is no place to store them. We got so sick of it that we ended up making our own, and wanted to make sure we looked friggin' Cool!!!. See the picture displayed

Cleaning Instruction - Hand wash with mild soaps, air dry recommended

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