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Purpose - Understanding that each shooter means he needs a clean stable structure from clear a side from the holster.


Features & Functions 

  • Stiffened Type-13 Parachute web, makes an excellent platform for pistol work, without a plastic shank

  • 3 sizes from 30" to 56" (by measuring tape)

  • Adjustable for size and thickness

  • Durable, manufactured for long term use

  • Genuine Austrialpin Buckle (rated 3200 pounds)

  • Light Weight (.55 pounds)

  • American Made, Veteran Designed

  • Competitive Pricing

Cleaning Instruction - Hand wash with mild soaps and brush, air dry recommended


A simple, comfortable, semi-rigid tactical belt, well suited for holster and tactical use. Semi Rigid type 13 webbing, load bearing buckle (Austri-Alpin "Cobra Buckle" = rated 3200 lbs). Both for extreme use or light duty wear. The semi rigid belt is stiff enough to mount a holster or other device to the belt just duty belt, without sagging or bunching (fatiguing the belt).

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