Belt, Load Bearing Tactical



The original soft Load Bearing Loop Belt


 Archangel was the first to use a tactical belt with soft load bearing loop.

Other companies have used metal D-ring for attaching lanyard etc. But they were often heavy and bulky. For this part, we opted to use a webbing based loop.  Advantage is that not only it's much lighter, but quiet and allows for easier one-handed application of a carabiner and other attachments. That carabiner is aligned vertically, as it should be in a climbing harness (best gate alignment).


  • Features & Functions

  • Suitable for both extreme and light use

  • Rigid enough for a holster and other tactical items

  • Lightweight (0.55lbs)

  • Durable Construction MILSPEC materials and construction, American made, User designed

  • Silent Soft load bearing loop

  • Cobra buckle by Austrialpin (3200 pound, 18KN)


Cleaning Instruction - Hand wash with mild soaps and brush, air dry recommended

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