Integrated tactical battlebelt, non moving to center of gravity, even under an unbalanced load. With Pistol, mags and dumpouch.

Reskinning the Website

July 18, 2018

I am somewhere between rolling my eyes at my wife when she says she wants to do another thing weird with her hair,  "Again"........    or looking at my page and thinking, man.... that's kind' of lame......

Working on "reskinning" the website. Keeping the data in place (with the ability to update as desired), but updating the frame work, the look, the images/video, and that stuff. Trying to may the supporting videos and images more accessable and informative.

Right now I am playing with the BLOG function, which will allow a bit of a commentary about product function and allow user questions and feed back. I would appreciate any and all feed back on the tweaking. Thanks.

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